Facts & figures


Exhibition profile - 2019

  • 140 exhibiting and represented companies from Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, UK, Spain,  Czech Republic
  • 3973 visitors from Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia  Turkey, The Netherlands, Czech Republic for both exhibitions Water Sofia and MachTech&InnoTech



  • Water extraction
  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Construction activities
  • Precast concrete construction
  • No dig technologies
  • Industrial construction
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Plugging systems
  • Pipelines and plants protection
  • Pipelines cleaning
  • Sewerage and water purification
  • Pipes and plants surveying
  • Pipe networks and plants modernization and repairing
  • Drilling
  • Industrial water use
  • Sewage & waste water treatment
  • Pollution control for surface and underground waters
  • Hydrogeologic reclamation and restoration
  • Flood Management
  • Technology and equipment for maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools and water reservoirs
  • IT services
  • Measuring, regulating and analysis equipment
  • Technology for extraction, bottling and distribution of drinking water