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Water Sofia is the exhibition of water innovations

The only exhibition for the water sector in Bulgaria offered a variety of improved solutions for water treatment in the various industrial productions

Water Sofia 2018 is the only forum in Bulgaria that successfully collects new technologies for water treatment from the industry, successful and new water treatment systems. The largest share of visitors this year, nearly 22%, have indicated they are engaged in trade and distribution in the sector, followed by water supply operators – 13.7%, and 12.4% designers, the organizers from Inter Expo Center announced after the exhibition held from 26 to 29 March. Investors in the water sector and consultants were also interested in technological innovations at Water Sofia.

The international Water Sofia exhibition continues to be attractive for many companies from Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia. They presented over 100 world brands and their advanced products and technologies for well drilling, water purification, use and treatment. Companies offered a wide range of innovations, services and expertise for filter systems, purification technologies, wastewater treatment plants and water and sanitation systems. Almex-Bulgaria, Vodkom Bulgaria, Megger Bulgaria, EnviroChemie Bulgaria and others were among the regular participants. Foreign leaders such as Steinzug Keramo, Kobold Messring, Tiroler Rohre, Amiantit Pipe Systems, DM Armaturen, Thermaflex Systems, Turan Makina, Trojan Technologies and others also took part directly or through their representative offices. More and more companies have shown interest in developing their business in Bulgaria recently.

For some of the companies, it was a matter of image to participate at the exhibition, which proves the exceptional level it continues to maintain now in its 12th edition. “Although we are a Plovdiv company, we prefer to participate here at Inter Expo Center, because the level of organization and the specialized audience is bigger,” Hydro-X Bulgaria said. The representative of Steinzug Keramo commented that the Water Sofia exhibition was necessary for the sector because it was the only one bringing together the new solutions and technologies in one place. The combination of several different segments, new treatment system technologies in the industry, the public and domestic sectors attracts a different type of audience. “The interest in new solutions sometimes stops because of the public projects failing to start properly,” Georgi Bostasvili from Turan Makina, Turkey, said. The company is back here after a five-year break. It is very important for the exhibition to be held at such moments when there is also awakening in public projects in the water supply and sewerage sector. But problems in the public sphere do not stop businesses from offering improved solutions every year.

The hot topic of the Bulaqua conference this year was: “Investment Challenges the Water Sector is Facing”. Participants discussed innovative solutions and financial strategies in the context of the changes in water concessions and water and sewage systems. At the same time, the topic of effective operation of waste water treatment plants was covered. The examples from the Kubratovo Waste Water Treatment Plant with Sofiyska Voda as concessionaire were exceptionally interesting – a step towards an energy-independent water and sewage system. The water and sewage infrastructure in the Danube region was another important topic, which was complemented by the issue of effective waste water management in the Danube countries. The European Strategy on the Danube Region was another focus of the forum. The participants in the forum learned more about the Water Supply and Sewerage Bill. A variety of optimal investment solutions was offered to public sector stakeholders. The regional feasibility studies on the state of the water and sewerage in Bourgas, Plovdiv, Varna and Stara Zagora are underway.

New improvements to the materials used for water and sewage pipelines have been proposed by Amiantit Pipe Systems, a world leader in water and sewage and industrial piping. The advantage of fiberglass pipes, which can last 100 years, if they are correctly laid, have been outlined. The locking systems are just as secure as using ductile cast iron. The new type of fiberglass pipes are resistant to axial loads, abrasion and high pressure cleaning (in the West sewers are cleaned). They are also very well suited for the mining and energy sectors. Great progress has been made in the microtunnelling systems, which is unfortunately considered to be an expensive method in Bulgaria. The new solutions for rehabilitation of the various forms of pipes are also a key but underrated topic in Bulgaria.

The various technologies for stopping leaks were among the novelties that companies presented to Water Sofia 2018.

The food and beverage industry and the energy sector, which discharge large amounts of highly polluted water, can successfully reduce costs by introducing anaerobic gas extraction technology, Envirochemie, Bulgaria, representatives commented.

The rich parallel programme also included topics such as “Evaluating and Improving Energy Efficiency in Industry with IT and Automation Means”.

Apart from industrial solutions, there were also innovative domestic water purification solutions by companies such as Zepter, Aquaphor and Kangen at Water Sofia.

The outstanding variety of water treatment products for almost all industries, technologies unsing durable materials, filtering and purification systems have shown how important Water Sofia is to improving the industry's work and for having a cleaner home environment.

In the era of digitalization, technological solutions the industry can benefit from were also shown at another key exhibition in the Inter Expo Center – MachTech & InnoTech Expo, which once again increased its audience.

Next year the two exhibitions will be divided because they will present a new and richer identity. Water Sofia will be waiting for you in early March and MachTech & InnoTech Expo – in mid-April 2019.